May 17th, 2005

weird science, Eye: RCA Magic Eye, tech

Attention, Techie Types!

I peruse a lot of different sites for Cool Stuff, technological and otherwise. One of my favorites used to be ZZZ ONLINE, which managed to ferret out the most delightfully off-the-wall and over-the-top bits of Developing Technology. The stories were more enthusastic than technically literate, but they weren't afraid of admitting "we don't quite get how this works", either.

ZZZ started slowing its once-weekly output down about a year ago, and the last actual issue was in February of this year.

Now, they're looking for four or five regular contributors to get the 'zine up and running again. For free a pittance, of course, but hey.

Me, personally? I hate writing, and I don't have the knack of finding Those Wonderful Toys to write about that some folks do. I know that some tech-savvy people read my blatherings, though, and thought you might be interested.
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