July 12th, 2005


I can accept this.

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I Am Ananse
You're kind of the Ralph Kramden of Tricksters. You're quite the practical joker, and your sense of humor can be a bitslapstick. You'll fart in the elevator and blame it on the guy next to you, and you love nothing more than to see some arrogant yuppie snot get his - especially when it's you handing out the lesson. You're not mean-spirited by any means, but like Ananse Spider your practical jokes can get you into trouble if you're not careful.
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Charlotte Weaver (a.k.a. silkspider) noted in her last entry that Julia Roberts was going to voice her namesake in the upcoming live action/CGI remake of Charlotte's Web. Strangely, I can see -- or hear -- Ms. Roberts providing the voice of FurryMUCK's Charlotte even more than I can the literary Charlotte.

Which brings to mind Ms. Weaver's favorite question from her days of playing "Truth or Dare" on the MUCK:

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(For those of you who don't frequent FurryMUCK, please substitute your alter-ego's preferred habitat.)