July 29th, 2005

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There's a bird outside my window that keeps chirping the same, single note, over, and over, and over.


That's not a song.

It's the avian version of Chinese Water Torture.
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A while back, the announcement of the new DC logo was accompanied by a brief mention of a new cartoon series based on The Legion of Super Heroes. My reaction was... mixed.

I've been a big fan of the "Timmiverse" *, the collection of animated series helmed by Bruce Timm that started in 1992 with Batman: The Animated Series and continues today with Justice League Unlimited.

I've had a suspicion that the end of JLU would herald an end to the "Timmiverse" -- and the events of this season certainly seemed to be heading for a conclusion. When I heard this news, my hope was that LSH would provide a follow-up to JLU, and continue the ongoing animated continuity into the far-flung future of the Legion's 31st Century.

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My fear has been that, since both series involve super-powered teenagers, LSH would follow the Teen Titans style.

All The Rage has the word from San Diego Comic Con on the fate of both JLU and LSH.

The word is... mixed.

The Good:
  • Season 5 of JLU is go.
  • Confirmed: they're bringing back The Legion of Doom -- and I'm sure they'll do it in a way that's completely out of left field.
  • Rumor: Amanda Waller will return as the League's government liason. As a long-time fan of The Wall, this makes me happy. I knew these writers wouldn't relegate one of the strongest female characters in comics to the role of Luthor's Patsy.
  • LSH is also go. It's not vaporware, which many of us thought after the initial announcement was followed by chirping crickets. Most of the JLU crew is making the transition.
The Bad:
  • Timm is not among the JLU crew making the transition.
  • It's possible that his contract with TimeWarnerDCAOLMegaHugeConglomCo will not be renewed.
The Ugly:
  • It looks like LSH will be done Teen Titans-style, and deliberately disconnected from the Timmiverse.

Ah well. When you think about it, thirteen years is longer than the Golden Age lasted.

(Now if the fanboys would only let the Silver Age end...)

*My use of the term "Timmiverse" should not be construed as dismissing the contributions of Paul Dini, Dwayne McDuffie, et al.; however, Mr. Timm is largely responsible for the distinctive visual style of the various shows.

UPDATE: According to Dwayne McDuffie, writer and producer on JLU and Teen Titans,
"This is wrong in oh so many ways. It's just a bunch of rumors." He's confirmed that JLU-5 is go, but nothing about LSH... yet.

UPDATE:McDuffie further confirms that he's Not On The LSH Project.

This bodes ill. Dwayne's one of the best writers on JLU, and his own Static Shock. It sounds like the "oh so wrong rumor" is not that "Timm's Not On LSH", but that "most of the JLU crew is making the transition".
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