July 30th, 2005

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My new pen pal, Contempt K. Astrophysicist

Recently, I've been getting spam with the subject header "The Ultimate pharmacy". Like everything else which passes through my software spam filter but is readily identified by my wetware, it's been getting unceremoniously dumped in the trash folder.

However, I have to give kudos to the person responsible for the names in the "From" line, whether he creates each one personally, or if he's devised an algorithm for humorous randomness.

So far, I've gotten "Ultimate Pharmacy" spam from:
  • Contempt K. Astrophysicist

  • Intermittently V. Conrad

  • Embargo T. Stiletto

  • Maladjustment M. Climactic

  • Ogre H. Stubborn

And one ad for "Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia, Corel" from a Dietitican Q. Mousetrapping.

If you're going to waste my bandwidth, at least amuse me in the process.
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