August 31st, 2005


Angry At Myself.

I heard word on the radio that the local American Red Cross is conducting a boot camp for disaster relief volunteers for the New Orleans/Biloxi catastrophe.

I'm a Coast Guard veteran with years of search & rescue experience.

I worked in a hospital for several years after that.

I know GPS and GIS, I build 3-D models of submerged terrain, I've analyzed aerial and satellite photography...

They need me. I could help

And I can't shake this stupid cold.

Given my tendency to slide into pneumonia at the slighest provocation, I'd just be someone else they'd have to take care of.

So here I am, at my little temp job, typing up mailing labels.


I could help, dammit.
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Hurricane Katrina Relief Volunteers

Just to emphasize my previous post about Bay Area Red Cross efforts:
If you are interested in being deployed immediately to the Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief operation, please call 408-577-2063 immediately to sign up. More 2-day Disaster Mini-Institute boot camps will be scheduled if there is interest from our community.
(from American Red Cross - Santa Clara Valley)

(I'll be calling later today.)

Update: I called (after numerous busy signals) and volunteered. I'm signed up for their next regular volunteer training session. That's not until the 14th, unfortunately, but I've decided to make this a long-term commitment. And, again, they might have more of the Immediate Response Boot Camps if there are enough volunteers.
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