September 19th, 2005

pyrate, arrrrr, copywrong, anarchy

Talk Like A Pyrate Day, Ahhhhr.

Avast, me hearties!

I think it only proper that on this day of all days, we should look to the wise words of that scallywag Black Sam Bellamy to a merchant captain of his... acquaintance:

"...Damn ye, you are a sneaking Puppy, and so are all those who will submit to be governed by Laws which rich Men have made for their own Security, for the cowardly Whelps have not the Courage otherwise to defend what they get by their Knavery; but damn ye altogether: Damn them for a Pack of crafty Rascals, and you, who serve them, for a Parcel of hen-hearted Numskuls. They villify us, the Scoundrels do, when there is only this Difference, they rob the Poor under the Cover of Law, forsooth, and we plunder the Rich under the Protection of our own Courage; had you not better make One of us, than sneak after the Arses of those Villains for Employment?"

"You are a devilish Conscience Rascal, damn ye, I am a free Prince, and I have as much Authority to make War on the whole World, as he who has a hundred Sail of Ships at Sea, and an Army of 100,000 Men in the Field; and this my Conscience tells me; but there is no arguing with such sniveling Puppies, who allow Superiors to kick them about Deck at Pleasure."

Ahrrrr... it seems that Your Obedient Serpent talks like a pirate nigh on every day.
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