November 5th, 2005

danger, Warning: Caustic, caustic

NoWriNoMo Month!

In honor of the whole NaNoWriMo mess, I hereby inaugurate the NoWriNoMo List for 2005.

There are many, many professional writers who have, alas, Jumped the Shark -- and some who have seen far too much success and popularity, despite never having seen the near side of the shark tank in their careers. Some, it seem, can still produce excellent work now and then, but their fame has grown so great that they've realized that they could, in fact, simply xerox their ass for 500 pages, slap their names on it in large letters, and still make it to the bestseller lists.

NoWriNoMo is your chance to pick the writers you'd most like to retire, stop writing, and take a sledgehammer to their word processors.

NaNoWriMo is dedicated to Stephen King, who did, in fact, announce his retirement, slipping off the writing wagon only to finish his magnum opus and a few other pieces that amused him. (Mr. King does earn demerits for The Secret Window, which played as a lazy parody of both a Generic Johnny Depp movie and a Generic Stephen King movie.)

My first entries are:
  1. Frank "The Dark Knight Strikes Again" Miller, whose piercing deconstructions of the super-hero and loving parodies of film noir brought him rightful acclaim. Resting on his laurels, he now cranks out inbred tripe.
  2. Michael Crichton, who has allowed his neophobia, technophobia and xenophobia to rage out of control, turning his books from engaging "What-If?" scenarios to screeds about how Science Will Kill Us All. Oh, and "night arrows".
  3. Piers Anthony -- 'nuff said.
  4. Anne McCaffrey -- I love the original Pern books, but enough already!

Please add to the list in the comments; I'm hoping to get a sizable collection.
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