February 14th, 2006

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Precipice! I just love that word. PRECIPICE.

On the subject of the ubiquitous LiveJournal "memes", paka said: You know, if everyone I knew jumped off a cliff, I might be too busy following to notice.

So here's a new meme!

Pick your favorite precipice! If your friends all jumped off a high place...

  1. Where? Bridge? Cliff? Roof? Airplane? Any specific place?

  2. How? The classic swan dive? In a car, like Thelma & Louise? Or are you gonna wimp out with a Bungee cord or a hang glider?

  3. When? Day or night? Quietly, or will you wait for the media and the helicopters?

  4. Soundtrack?

    Be creative! Bonus points for scenic photos!
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And no, I have no inclination to go driving off a bridge in the immediate future. Lighten up!
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