June 9th, 2006


Grumble Grumble Grumble WHINE Grumble

Man, everyone calls themselves "Storm Dragons" these days. No offense intended to storm_dragon, of course; I just keep running into more and more overgrown iguanas on the MUCKs who smack "storm" in front of their species because it sounds Exotic and Cool.

I'm not particularly wedded to the term, myself; I just applied the designation when someone on alt.fan.dragons wouldn't accept that I was just A Dragon, and demanded a more specific appelation. I gave it roughly ninety-seven seconds of thought, and responded with "Storm Dragon", because a) it wasn't from the AD&D Monster Manual; b) it didn't wed me to the works of some specific author; and c) it sounded Exotic and Cool. My general affinity for storms and violent weather, both as human and, even moreso, as dragon, did influence matters, of course, but the designation was arbitrary and largely a manner of humoring those who needed pigeonholes.

This pigeonhole is getting crowded.
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