June 15th, 2006

Eye of the Dragon

Now and Always, Your Obedient Serpent

Out of curiosity, I just Googled on my signature phrase, "Your Obedient Serpent", just to see how many other people had adopted that tagline.

For those of you who lack an unwholesome immersion in the Pop Culture of the Baby Boom, I appropriated that phrase from Bob Clampett's Cecil the Sea-Sick Sea Serpent, who, along with Oliver J. Dragon, did much to overcome the stigmatic sterotypes of draconic malevolence in those socially-turbulent mid-century years.

To my surprise, when I wrapped quotation marks around the phrase, seven out of ten of the links listed on the first page of results referred to... Your Obedient Serpent, Athelind Stormdancer, The Boojum Snark. Or, rather, to comments I've left in various places on the Internet.

Cecil and Mr. Clampett do not appear on the list until the eighth entry.

As much as my draconic ego would like to bask in this apparent infamy, even the most cursory glance reveals that the popular comments are not my work at all, nor even pages referring directly to me. Rather, they are my comments on the work of others.*

If this reflects on my virtues at all, it is entirely a matter of others sharing my good taste.

However, the same search only indicated one or two other circumstances where other individuals closed with that distinctive construction; it would appear that only I have done so with sufficient regularity as to be recognized by that phrase alone.

And that was my primary concern.

*With the possible exception of the links to the Ironclaw Mailing List Archive, as I am a contributor to that line of games. normanrafferty might be pleased that the game he's worked so hard to produce and promote ranks higher in Google listings than one of the most popular children's programs of the 20th century, in what may be the only search in which the two topics would overlap.
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