June 16th, 2006

Eye of the Dragon

Game Mechanical Musings

In a recent post, doc_mystery betrayed his grognard roots by arranging the Attributes of his newly-generated Dungeons & Dragons character in the Aulde Manner (STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, CHA), rather than the moderne trend of assigning Physical Attributes First (STR, DEX, CON), followed by Mental Attributes (INT, WIS, CHA).

This, of course, led my mind into other realms, drawing parallels betwixt the Attributes of Body and those of Mind. The Moderne Manner retains some measure of the Aulde arbitrary nature; I would, were I involved in the design and redesign of that hoary system, propose arranging the attributes functionally:
     DEX      INT     How precise you are, physically and mentally.
     STR      CHA     How forceful you are, physically and mentally.
     CON      WIS     How much you can endure, physically and mentally.

This owes something to the old DC Heroes mechanics, and suggests an approach to task resolution in which the parallels are more deliberately drawn. Having little interest in this particular game, and seeing no convenient application to the system of my preference, Your Obedient Serpent shall leave the details as an exercise for the class.
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