February 16th, 2007

hope, science, green hills of earth

Welcome to the Future of my Past.

When I was a kid in the '70s, one my favorite books in my personal library was a tattered mass-market paperback edition of T.A. Heppenheimer's Colonies in Space, an accurate, detailed summary of the NASA studies of long-term orbital habitats and space colonization for the layman.

One of the most inspiring parts of that book were the illustrations, ranging from technical drawings to beautiful, sweeping, strnagely pastor panoramas of Standford toruses and O'Neill cylinders, painted by one Donald Davis.

Mr. Davis has just released several of his NASA commissions to the public domain, saying, and I quote:

"You paid for them and they're yours."
Welcome to the Future of my Past.
hope, science, green hills of earth

More Space Colony Art

A few years back, I managed to replace Colonies in Space with a nice, slightly-oversized hardcopy. The cellophane dustjacket suggests that it sojouned in a public library's collection before finding its way to a used bookstore.

One of the books in my old collection that I haven't replaced was a NASA publication that shared many of the same illustrations as Heppenheimer's book: Space Settlements: A Design Study.

However, as the link shows, NASA has in fact put the entire contents of that volume online -- including sixteen full-color paintings by Don Davis and several others.

Since so many of you enjoyed the Davis paintings...Collapse )
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