February 22nd, 2007

Eye of the Dragon

Questions from pyat

There's a five-questions meme running around. You can ask me to give you five questions in turn. I may even do so.

1. So, when did the dragon thing start?
Hm, now, there's a question with multiple answers. The simplest one would be... about 1976.

2. If you could move anywhere you liked, where would it be?
Anywhere? Luna City, or possibly L-5.

If I have to stay down at the bottom of the well -- I rather like Victoria, BC.

3. Where do you want to be in ten years?

4. What one thing would you change about Athelind, circa 1987?
I would have him stay on the waiting list for Coast Guard Marine Science Tech school.

5. What was your best gaming experience?
Thinking about it, I'd have to say rikoshi's Ironclaw campaign, as a whole, has been the high point of three decades in this silly hobby. It was just the right juxtaposition of good players, good Host, and the single most intersting and engaging character I've ever played myself. Everything clicked.