April 3rd, 2007

Eye of Agammotto

Demon Worshipping Meme!

Yanked from someone who locked his post so only his friends would know how evil he was...

Are you a demon worshipper? The rather arbitrary list of occult paraphernalia according to the now defunct DemonBusters website. Bold the items you own. Commentary is neat. Collapse )
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Maybe the role's not easy, maybe the prize is small...

The redoubled and retripled effort on the job hunt have finally paid off.

On Friday, I start a three-month stint at a local Civil Engineering firm, working on a GIS project.

That's right, I've finally found work in my field.

While I was waiting for a final answer from my new employers, I was contacted by a representative of a tech-oriented headhunting firm. I interviewed there today, and told them I wouldn't be available until July; they, in turn, have no problem with that, and will keep looking for positions for which I'd be a good fit.

Oh, and quelonzia's new car finally arrived today -- but I'll let her squee about that in her own journal.

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