April 14th, 2007


The New Job

I have had a few people asking me for more details on the new job, or asking me how my first week went.

Folks, getting the job was an achievement and a cause for celebration.

Doing the job... is work.

Paychecks are nice.

Weekends are nice.

Work... is work.

Please see user icon.
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This June, in the middle of the Iraq occupation, the first RPG convention will be held in a war zone.

"Here in Iraq, we do many things on the different Forward OperatingBases to help keep our spirits up," said SPC David Amberson, the Con'sorganizer. "Here at Camp Adder/Tallil Airbase, we have lots of sportsactivities -- baseball, football, dodgeball, kickball -- and we workwith many marathons across the US like the Boston Marathon. This is agreat way to improve morale among the troops, but what about those whoprefer Role-Playing Games?"

Big Name Geeks like muskrat_john and wilwheaton have been talking this up, saying what a wonderful thing this is, and pledging to donate game materials to be used as prizes.

I, um...

I think this is horribly inappropriate, and I'm embarassed for my hobby.

EDIT: Locking this, now. You didn't play nice.
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