August 14th, 2007


Mike Wieringo, 1963-2007

Much has been said about the unexpected passing of comic book artist Mike Wieringo, who died Tuesday of a sudden heart attack.

I knew the man only through his work; among other milestones, he was the artist on one of the best runs of Fantastic Four ever.

He was on my DeviantArt watch list, and had updated with a drawing just last week. The last miniseries he worked on just wrapped up. It's strange and surreal to think he's gone, that no more of those crisp, clear inks will grace my browser, that my weekly comics  will see no more dynamic, bold comics that blend the best high spirits of the Silver Age with the seasoned sophistication of the modern day.

It's stranger still to realize that 'Ringo (as he signed his work) was only a year older than I am now -- a year older than Jack Kirby was when, as I so recently mentioned, he created the Fantastic Four.

To those who knew him, and to his family, my deepest sympathies.
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