September 11th, 2007

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Snark's Observations on Fanfic

I should note, incidentally, that some people assume that the term "fanfic" is perjorative. That is not my intent in this matter.

When the Second Law says "indistinguishable", it means indistinguishable -- functionally identical in all important respects.

Alan Moore's Watchmen is a superhero story of unparalleled excellence.

It is also pure, unadulterated fanfic, in all but a single respect -- and that respect is that Moore recieved a paycheck from the corporate entity (a legal fiction of no literary relevance) that the copyright (another legal fiction of no literary relevance) to the characters upon whom the graphic novel was based.

EDIT: Thinking about it, with the possible exception of V for Vendetta, all of Moore's major works are fanfic.
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I was scrolling through the channel guide tonight, and saw that one of the Asan-language channels had a show called "Mr. Con and Ms. Csi."

It's apparently a variety/talk show, but for the life of me, it sounds like the next big Catherine Willows subplot.

...or fanfic.
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