November 3rd, 2007

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In The Loup

Okay, time to poll the studio audience.

I'm coming up with villains for a superhero RPG, and I need conceptual ideas. I don't need specific powers or origins so much as I need clever names, themes, and gimmicks. Think Classic Batman Villains -- theme villains who could easily play as either High Camp or Disturbingly Obsessed. A villain that sounds silly may not play silly -- remember the archetypal theme villain.

On the flip side of the same coin, I've got a specific team of adversaries that I want to round out. In the spirit of the terrible puns that Mike W. Barr used to come up with for the supervillains in Batman and the Outsiders... I have a band of super-powered werewolves.

  1. There's Feedback Loup, and his devastating sonic howl.

  2. Jeweler's Loup, who can create and shape diamond-hard crystal from thin air.

  3. and Loup de Loup, an agile, high-speed flying... werewolf.

Three is a pretty scrawny supervillain group,though. I need at least two more to round this pack out -- though three more would let me dub them the "Six-Pack".

I know you guys. Surely someone out there can come up with more awful wolf puns. The French "Loup" isn't required; if you can come up with similar wretchedness in other languages, gopher baroque.
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