November 21st, 2007

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Blogger Question for Blogspot Users!

KDDR, my Blogspot comics blog, has languished for a year or more now -- largely because I find the interface obstructive.

There are two important things that I can't figure out:

  1. Adding images to links. Several of the blogs I read regularly include neatly-formatted thumbnails that you can click to link to a larger image. I can't even get a simple [img src="URL"] to work.

  2. The equivalent of the "LJ Cut". Those few of you who've actually perused my dusty and neglected blog know that I tend to... ramble at length. I'd like to learn the secret of (More...) in Blogspot syntax, to spare casual readers the effort of paging through my purple prose when they're looking for a particular entry. Spoiler protection would also be apprecated, I'm sure.

Any hints or help from the more experienced of you?
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