November 25th, 2007


Technical Difficulties

I just yanked the wireless card out of my trusty old IBM Transnote, and forgot to use the eject button in the process.

To nobody's surprise, I seem to have damaged the PC Card slot on my little buddy, probably bending at least one pin, and now, of course, I can't get the card back in.

Is there any slim CHANCE of being able to get this repaired without spending more than I would on a shiny new laptop?

EDIT: Thanks to the patience of margaras and jdarkwulf, everything is happy. It was not, in fact, a bent PIN, but a warp in the corner of the case -- fixed with a pair of pliers. Card slides neatly in now, the lights light up, and everyting is happy.

I even managed to finally get the connection 'twixt card and shiny new router working. Hooray!

Icon changed from "Facepalm" to "YAY".
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