November 30th, 2007

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I can call it a "Memory Bank", right?

All right, wish me luck.

After weeks... okay, MONTHS... of procrastinating, I'm finally going to shut down my desktop machine, yank its almost-decade-old 20-gig C: drive, plug in a new 320-gig drive, and install Ubuntu. All in one swell foop.

My laptop is up and running, so I'll still have web access and access to FurryMUCK if things go south.

Unfortunately, my long-time ICQ account may go bye-bye. I simply can't change my password on ICQ -- it stubbornly refuses to send new passwords to the email address it shows in the frakkin' Personal Details.

I have one possible Gordian solution, though: I'm using an old, old version of ICQ, because all the subsequent ones suck.

(No, I'm not using Trillian or whatever... because I can't remember my blippin' password.)

It's possible that the protocols for stuff like password confirmations have changed.

So... maybe... if I download the latest version, it'll read all the stuff from my OLD copy, and transfer it over, and then let me CHANGE stuff because IT has the right protocol.

And if it eats my old ICQ and doesn't do what I want it to do -- WHO CARES? I'm without my preferred version of an IM client that I don't even use much these days, on a HARD DRIVE THAT WON'T EVEN BE IN MY COMPUTER ANYMORE.
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So that's it, then.

I downloaded the newest ICQ client, entered the new email address, got the confirmation letter, clicked on the link, got told that yes, I can sign in with my email, and it STILL REFUSES TO SEND A NEW PASSWORD TO THAT SHINY NEW ADDRESS.

This is apparently common enough that they have a canned Frequently Asked Blow You Off:

Please note:  If you are unable to get a new password using the password assistance system, then you will have to register a new ICQ account.

So, kids: no more "Athelind" at ICQ #48745916.

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So Far, So Good... the man said to himself as he passed by each floor as he fell from the skyscraper.

The new 320 Gb hard drive is in, Ubuntu is installed on it, and everything seems to be running smoothly.

Ubuntu immediately recognized the graphics card, informed me that the proper drivers weren't open source, and asked me if I wanted to install them anyway. After a bit of (ahem) discussion, both monitors are up and running happily.

My AIM account is working in Pidgin, the IM client that comes with Ubuntu; I've blown off ICQ entirely.

The data from my old D: drive is intact and fully accessible.

Now I just have to figure out how to install new software!
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Accidental NaNoWriMo

Odd. I've made light NaNoWriMo in years past -- honestly, I've outright mocked it. However, it just occurred to me that this year, in my own peculiar way, I actually participated.

I've had a mental block as a GM for several YEARS now, in no small part because of poor preparation skills. For last part of of November, however, I've been busily writing away, hammering out the background for a one-player superhero game I'll be starting tomorrow.

I'm sure I haven't gotten anywhere near 50 kwords, and it's more a series of timelines and outlines than prose -- but that's what one needs for a game setting. I've come up with interesting characters, long-term plot twists, and dramatic scenes, both as backstory and to be played out as the game progresses. In the last three days, I had a surge of inspiration, tying together three or four disparate elements and themes and bringing them together into one grand, intricate scheme.

And the oddest thing?

This is all building on notes and ideas I worked on last November... only to set them aside at the end of the month as other ideas took center stage.