December 9th, 2007


Have I mentioned that I hate e-mail lately?

Could someone tell my why in the world most email clients dump all your mail into a single inbox, and force you to set up filters and goofy rules to keep from sending replies from a single default address? That's stupid and pointless, and just makes juggling multiple email accounts that much harder.

Pegasus made me do that, and it took me years to get the filters and rules set up to the point where I didn't send replies to mail sent to my Student And Business account from my "Hello, I'm A Dragon And A Furry!" account.

Even after I got that working smoothly, it was impossible to generate rules that would consistently work with mailing lists and blind cc:s.

Thunderbird is the only current mail client I know of that gives you the option to treat each individual account as an individual account, with separate inboxes, draft folders, trash files, and whatever, without any magical jigger-pokery. Unfortunately, Thunderbird showed more evidence of the Mozilla Memory Leak than Firefox did on my Windows machine, and Ubuntu is already glitchy-twitchy. If I can't find anything else than handles email properly, I'll go ahead and use it -- but that still leaves the question of why most clients don't.

If there's some hidden trick to making Evolution (the OpenOffice mail client that's the default for Ubuntu) handle mail nonstupidly, please let me know.

If your answer is "Oh, it's simple, all you have to do is set up a few filters and folders and rules", then you fail at reading comprehension. Please return to grade school for a refresher course.
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So much for "Reboots are for recompiles".

I left the computer off for most of the day, as we were running around shopping, catching The Golden Compass, and cleaning house. I sat down for about half an hour of quick web-browsing, then left to watch the last two parts of Tin Man on Sci Fi.

When I came back four hours later, the thing had rebooted itself. For no apparent reason.

I think this is the second or third spontaneous reboot since loading Ubuntu a week ago Friday.

SOMETHING ain't stable. I don't know if it's the OS, or if long-term hardware problems that Windows just dumbed over are becoming more evident. After all, if I'd come back to a spontaneous reboot FNAR when this thing was still running Windows, I'd just have muttered something nasty about Microsoft.

I was HOPING that most of the hardware problems were centered in the 9-year-old hard drive that I yanked, but no such luck.