December 12th, 2007


Ubuntu's Revenge

I installed Ubuntu on Grandspawn's long-bemunged computer on Monday. Though it's older, slower hardware, it seems more stable on his rig than on mine -- lending credence to the hypothesis that my troubles are ultimately hardware-based.

Yesterday, I got his Internet connection working. After long hours of research, I determined that the wireless card in his system was one that only the most enlightened of geek gurus had managed to coax into operation under Linux.

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A quick trip to Fry's confirmed that the most cost-effective solution was 50 feet of CAT-6 cable. $20, and no more time wasted on configuration!

In completely unrelated news, he's staying home from school today, insisting that he has diarrhea. This is a fairly consistent pattern, whenever he gets a functioning net connection after not having one for a while.

Obviously, it's bad for his digestion.

I have, as a result, unplugged his shiny new CAT6, and will not give him his password today. He needs his bed rest!