December 20th, 2007


This is not normal... for me.

I felt myself getting sick on Tuesday, was pretty miserable on Wednesday, and this morning, I'm a bit dehydrated -- but I'm over it. I'm coughing up some stuff, but it's what I call "battlefield brass" -- the remnants of the struggle between my immune system and the microbiological invaders.

I don't do this. I don't get the "24-hour bug". I've never quite understood it when people expect me to be All Better the next day -- for me, a "cold" sticks around for a week, on the rare occasions when it doesn't give way to something more severe.

This is the second time in the last six months that I've had a "24-hour bug" (really more like 48, if you count the first onset of "is that really a symptom?"). I've had nothing more severe than that in that time -- knock on wood.

I'm running through the variables, and I'm startled to realize that it may be associated with my change in eating habits back in May.

Good golly, eating better just might make you healthier, in a tangible, noticable, everyday sense.

Lakota Secession


Lakota Secession Update

The Sioux Falls paper published an article suggesting that Russell Means and his associates are self-appointed spokespeople with no real authority in the Lakota nation.

Of course, Means has accused the "legitimate" tribal governments as "...the Vichy Indians... set up by the United States of America to ensure our poverty, to ensure the theft of our land and resources," and I can see his point.

Oh, and here's a visual aid: