February 25th, 2008

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Sitcom Philosophy

Having a bit of time before my lady got home, I channel surfed, and ended up watching a couple of episodes of Home Improvement on Nick at Nite.

Back in the '90s, I espoused the theory that one could derive a full and complete insight into the workings of the male psyche by watching both Home Improvement and Frasier. Men, you see, don't have shoulder angels and shoulder devils. They have Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor on one shoulder, and Frasier Crane on the other.

I wonder what happened to that guy who starred in Home Improvement. He sort of reminds me of Tim Allen, but, well, he's actually funny.

I should note that I haven't found a sitcom worth watching since these two shows left the air. Perhaps I've just been infected by quelonzia's general attitude that "sitcoms are stupid" -- or perhaps sitcoms have taken a general dive in quality in recent years.

I suspect the former.
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