February 28th, 2008

far call, explore, space

Milky Way?

Since her lens replacement, Quel has become aware that the night sky is filled with little points of light that are visible even from our backyard in the heart of Silicon Valley. She's downloaded a couple of astronomy programs, and has been taking great delight in pointing out constellations, stars and planets to me.

(Despite my general interest in, well, everything in the universe, I confess that I never spent much time learning anything more than the most obvious celestial patterns.)

Now that we're looking upward and paying attention, we've started to crave more vivid sights than the light pollution of the South Bay can provide. In particular, the Fire of my Heart wishes to see the Milky Way -- a sight I can only remember seeing a handful of times from dry land.

Does anyone know of a locale within a day or two's drive of Santa Clara where the skies are sufficiently clear and free of city lights that the Milky Way might be visible?
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