May 29th, 2008


We Gotta Get Outta This Place/If It's The Last Thing We Ever Do...

I'm stuck.

It's been five years since I got my degree. In that time, I've managed to land two short-term jobs that are actually in my field.

From what I can see, Silicon Valley is a LOUSY place to land a job in environmental science. It's also a pretty wretched place to try to retire, so we're really looking to break out of here within the next decade.

Really, if you want to land ANYTHING in the sciences, you have to be prepared to relocate.

The problem is, I simply don't have the resources to go haring across the country for job interviews.

How do people DO this stuff??

Feedback welcome.
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What we have here...

My last entry, it seems, was not entirely clear about my primary dilemma.

I would like to relocate. I would LOVE to relocate! "To go where the jobs are" is my goal!

I do not understand the process involved in getting a job outside of one's local area. To reiterate:

I don't have the resources to shell out on a plane ticket for a "MAYBE".

How does someone with no job make it to an interview that's in another state?
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