June 8th, 2008

patriot, veteran, liberal, politics

"That's such an ugly word. Let's just call it 'funding her cooperation'."

Last week, when I expressed a suspicion that Clinton was gearing up for an independent run, several people responded that her campaign was well over donation limits and was millions of dollars in debt, and asked where she was going to get the money to fund a full-on indy run.

Looks like she's solved the debt problem, though it's theoretically contingent on her Not Making Trouble.

Nothing says she has to give the money back if she decides to go it on her own, though.

After contemplating the possibilities, I'm starting to think that the VP slot might be the place where Clinton can do the least damage. Her connections to the Religious Right make me leery of giving her a spot on the Supreme Court.

Sigh. I think I need to stop grumbling about Clinton and start focusing my ire on McCain. I think we all do.