August 21st, 2008

Eye in the Pyramid, fnord

I Can See The Fnords: Dungeons & Anti-Christs

A few days ago, John McCain's Head of Communications made a snarky comment about "the Pro-Obama Dungeons & Dragons crowd ...[in]... mom's basement" -- echoing a comment he made earlier in the summer.

Everyone's been treating this as an amusingly stupid gaffe, but remember: this is the same campaign that has paid for ads portraying Barack Obama as the Anti-Christ, or, at the very least, a false prophet.

The Radical Religious Right loves to portray fantasy novels and role-playing games as Tools of Satan. Now, the once-"moderate" G.O.P. candidate's are hinting that the bloggers and columnists who support Obama are those same Scary But Comical Satan-Lovers.

Coincidence? John Brunner defined that as "You weren't paying attention to the other half of what was going on."

Head of Communications, indeed. This guy's got scary semiotic savvy; he knows exactly what buttons to push in his constituency.

Eye of the Dragon

Understanding Athelind's Argot: Blog Headings

Few of you have probably noticed, but I've been trying to be more consistent about my subject lines. Much like velvetpage's "POAC" (Post Of Actual Content) header, I've tried to subdivide my entries into, well, "columns", reflecting different subject matter.

  • Understanding Athelind's Argot is a direct steal from normanrafferty, wherein I describe terms, catch-phrases and coinages peculiar to my vocabulary -- including, now and then, common phrases that don't quite mean the same thing when I use them.
  • The Hoard Potato covers entries about TV, movies, comics, and games.
  • Film at 11 is where I discuss the news of the day.
  • I Can See The Fnords is where my discussions of the news of the day drift into more... speculative territory.

This has been a public service announcement.