June 16th, 2009


The Hoard Potato: Legends of Retail

Last night, I had a trio of kids in the store looking at the boxed Introductory Set for D&D4. They wanted something that would keep them entertained for the whole summer.

I told them this would be a good introduction -- it's inexpensive, and the tiles and markers are sufficiently useful that experienced players have bought the set to get them. If they liked it, they could come back and pick up the full books.

One of them noted that they weren't sure if they wanted to get TOO into it, because they didn't want to turn into...

And he paused.

And I finished, "geeks who work in a game store?"

They bought two sets.

ever-lovin blue-eyed thing, clobberin' time

The Computer Is Your Friend: Dual Monitor Dilemma

Well, over the last couple of weeks, I upgraded from Ubuntu 8.04 to 9.04, with a week or so at 8.10 just to make sure everything was stable.

Annoyingly, the jump to 9.X threw a wrench in my video drivers, and the setting software was cranky.

In the proces of trying to correct a minor glitch (that made Second Life almost unusable), I've once again completely cocked up my two-monitor browser settings. The second monitor refuses to set itself at the proper 1440x900 resolution -- it's turned into a 1024x768 monitor PANNING ACROSS a 1440x900 virtual screen.

That's worse than useless.

Once again, the only hints of help I can find online involve hand-editing the appropriate config files; meanwhile, finding useful information about just how to DO that elude me.

So, to hell with it. I'll just use one monitor, like everyone else does.

Ironically, I've got the replacement Eee working just fine under Eeebuntu.