August 26th, 2009

hoard potato, tv, movies

The Hoard Potato checks his timers.

Wow, what a dead TV season. The only new Fall show that has even kind of gotten our interest is Eastwick, an adaptation of Guess What; The Human Target may be worth a peek, but it's not coming up until later in the season. I had to look all this up online, incidentally -- there's been no hype, no buzz, nothin' about the new season in my usual haunts.

The only word that really describes this is "abrupt". The last couple of years have been brimming with new shows that have, for one reason or another, gotten our extended social group and the blogosphere with which it intersects a-humming. This year, suddenly, nothin'.

Oh, there may be some ads that we fast-forward through on the few summer shows we watch, and the "First Look" adumentary reels in the movie theaters have hyped one or two new shows -- but nothing that really grabs us.

And it's not just us. Nobody's saying anything online about... anything. Not on LJ, not on FurryMUCK, not in the entertainment blogs I read.

I'm not sure if the Cater To The Geeks fad has faded; honestly, I didn't recognize many new non-SF shows on the schedule, either.

It's a dead season. Nobody cares. There's nothing to excite the fandom.

Or were there were just too many successful new shows in the last few seasons to make room for more this year?

Public Service Announcement: Those of you who feel the need to respond to any post about TV schedules with "I don't watch TV" will be soundly mocked before your posts get deleted.