October 5th, 2009


Jobquest: Any ideas?

Does anyone have a suggestion for good places to find jobs in oceanography, cartography, or environmental earth systems science?

(I struck out "environmental" because if you use that as a keyword on a site like Monster, all you'll find are jobs sucking asbestos and changing HVAC filters. Not quite my field.)

I'm fed up with limiting myself to the Bay Area; nothing's here. I need to cast wider nets, if you'll forgive a fisheries metaphor.

I interned for NASA, for Pete's sake. This shouldn't be so hard. The last time I really got serious about job-hunting, I found the perfect job in a matter of WEEKS. I'd be WORKING there NOW if the project in question hadn't been put on hold for... hm... 14 months, so far.

Warning: Group Intellect

Jobquest: Maybe there's an antisocial networking site...

Okay, I've been blowing off most of the new "social networking" sites and applications, because, well, I don't "socialize" online under my mundane name. On the other claw, common wisdom holds that "networking skills" are the single biggest asset in job hunting, and frankly, mine are in red ink. There are advantages to having a "mundane" social presence on The Intertubes, and it's long past time that I start exploiting them.

So, Loyal Friends and Readers, do you have any opinions on the matter?

Poll #1466978 Job Hunting on the Bleeding Edge of the One-And-Twenty

What hip, new Social Networking sites are useful in job hunting? Are people using these "social" networks as professional ones?

Pfft. Please, none of these sites will help you get a job.
I have more suggestions in the comments!

Please elaborate on your answers in the comments.