October 30th, 2009

Eye of the Dragon

Assorted Updates

I just realized that I kind of left folks hanging after this post, so here's an update:

  • The Grape came back from the shop, a week ago Wednesday. The bumper is refurbished, the headlight replaced, and all is well. The hood kinda rattles a little when I idle, so I should probably give the body shop a call about that.
  • If you're in Silicon Valley, I highly recommend Kuykendall's Auto Body for body work. They were fast, efficient, and the car looks great.
  • Poppa spent two nights in the hospital as they ran a battery of tests. They offered to let him go home, but previous experience has shown that the same tests that get ordered immediately in the hospital will take a couple of months to clear insurance red tape if they're done on an outpatient basis. He's fine; the doctors gave him a relatively clean bill of health (the only anomalies were things they already knew about, and sum up to, "Dude, you're two weeks shy of turning 80!"). The surprise party is a go; my folks are already up there.
  • After getting the car back on Wednesday, last Thursday was spent with an early-morning doctor's appointment and a mid-afternoon dentist appointment. My cholesterol and related blood numbers are back in the target range, and I've lost a bit of weight, so I'm getting my health back on track.
  • Last Friday, I went ahead with the Santa Cruz Resume Run. I hit three places in Santa Cruz, and everyone was cordial. One civil engineering firm said that they'd actually been talking about getting a GIS guy in, in part to scan and convert old plans and records over to modern formats (something I've done in the past) -- of course, with the current state of the economy, they're not hiring at the moment, but they'll give me a call when they are.
  • I was thinking about heading out today and hitting some firms in San Jose and Santa Clara, but then I remembered what day it was. As amusing as it would be to say "Trick or Treat!" when I hand out resumes, I know people often dress up for Halloween in a lot of work places -- and sometimes even have active parties. The whole point of these hand-carry runs is to make personal contact; I don't want the memory of my First Impression getting lost 'midst costumed confusion. I'll spend the day emailing resumes and getting a better assortment of targets to visit before work on Monday.


Poll: Resumes, Addresses and Business Cards

We're moving at the end of the year, an event which has, heretofore, thrown a wrench into the jobquest, simply because of the need to revise and reprint resumes and so on. That's not going to happen this year.

Poll #1478509 Addressing the question of addressing the letterhead

We're moving at the end of the year, but the job hunt continues unabated. Should I...

Leave the street address off my letterhead, and just have my email and cell phone as contact points?
Use my current address on my letterhead, even though it'll be obsolete by the time anyone is ready to hire?
Get a P.O. Box, and use that?

I have a new and brilliant suggestion of my own! Here it is:

Should I have business cards made? Are they useful adjuncts to hardcopy resumes, or just pretentious?

Yes! Being in a filing cabinet AND a Rolodex is twice as good!
No! Everyone does everything electronically anyway.
They're no good without a street address.
Sure; just a cell number, an email address, and maybe a URL looks classy.
Yes! and here's why:
No! and here's why:

...and here's why:

Note that I use the same letterhead on my resume and my cover letters.

Note also that I'm augmenting my usual "email shotgun" approach with personal visits and hand-carried resumes, which is why business cards may or may not be useful.