March 31st, 2010

coyote drives

Auto Motives Update

According to my manual (a used car that came with the original manual! Amazing!), the "Service Engine Soon" light is indeed the "Check Engine" light.

Modifications made to the engine, transaxle, exhaust or fuel system of your vehicle, or the replacement of the original tires with other than those of the same Tire Performance criteria (TPC) can affect your vehicle's emission controls and may cause the "Service Engine Soon" light to come on.

Obviously, I just changed a tire -- it's the same kind as the other three, but there are differences in wear patterns, and I don't know if they checked and filled the pressure in the old ones, so there might be enough difference there to freak the chip out.

Rewiring the fuel pump might also count as "modifications to the fuel system".

halfelf revealed that AutoZone stores will check the OBD II chip for free, so, once I grab a shower, I'll head out to the closest one.

[[Edit: Crap. No, they don't, anymore—at least not in California. Argh.]]

I didn't mention the odd not-quite-metallic smell that I noticed when I got out of the car last night; thoughtsdriftby confirmed it. If it was coming from my car, then it might still be a bit more complicated than New Tires.


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The Hoard Potato thinks Cat Food is for The Byrds

Friskies™ cat food has recently been broadcasting an ad that suggests that their product is laced with psychoactive substances. If you actually watch broadcast TV, you may have already seen this:

Someone on YouTube has added a much more appropriate soundtrack:

It really is more appropriate, and not just thematically: the music fits the action better. It's almost like the ad agency composed the animation to The Byrds, and only added the Creepy Nasal Monotone Singing Of Banal Ad Copy That Barely Qualify As "Lyrics" after the fact.

Found on Slate and BoingBoing; the Byrds remix was too funny not to share, and the original (posted by Purina itself!) is only embedded for context.
coyote drives

Auto Motives Update II

The manual mentions that the light might come on if you're low on fuel, as small amounts of air can get into the fuel line and cause a misfire. Sounds like trying to start the engine with a nonfunctioning fuel pump would cause the same effect—though it's odd that it would hit 50 miles later.

Based on the manual and the Very Useful Feedback I've been getting from the Hive Mind, I'm gonna open the gas cap and re-seal it, then go check the tire pressure*, and see where that leaves me. EVERYTHING, including the manual, suggests that a) It's Nothing Urgent Or Critical and b) It May Just Go Away By Itself In A Few Days, esp. if I do those little things.

(If the light were blinking, of if it were the SERVICE light instead of "Service Engine Soon", that would be another matter.)

Consensus: If it's still shining merrily on Monday, then I'll worry.

Thanks to everyone for all the information and advice!

*My usual service station doesn't have an air hose, so I've been uncharacteristically remiss in keeping tabs on my tire pressure. Yes, this may have contributed to the blowout.