May 5th, 2010


Fill in the blanks yourself.

Yesterday, of course, was Star Wars Day: "May the Fourth be with you."

  • jdarkwulf: according to one of my coworkers, Today was Star Wars Day 2.
  • athelind: ...?
  • jdarkwulf: Revenge of the Fifth.
  • athelind: AUGH.
  • jdarkwulf: That was pretty much my reaction. :)
  • athelind: See, this is the day I throw jars of nasty white goo off a bridge, just to watch them go under.
  • jdarkwulf: Well, after that, he said he had to go home and fill his bathroom sink with Hellman's.*
  • athelind: Yeah.
  • athelind: Exactly.

* readers west of the Rockies should replace "Hellman's" with "Best Foods".