November 13th, 2010

Eye of the Dragon

Moving Out, Day One

Today was the day I went over to quelonzia's garage and separated the contents into three categories: Definitely Mine, Somebody Else's Problem, and Contents Must Be Sorted Item By Item. Items in the first category got put into a U-Haul and taken to storage; items in the third category will be sorted through tomorrow, which will be ... emotional, to say the least. Those are Boxes Full of Memories.

I cannot believe how much crap I own. I have something on the order of 16-18 proper comic short boxes full of comics, plus a few more random boxes also brimming with comics waiting to be properly housed. Those are high on my list to Just Plain Go. I've got far too many bins of costumery, too; the contents of those may be up for grabs soon.

Many, many thanks to paka, kohai_tiger, and kaysho; your assistance today was invaluable. kaysho, coming along to help us unload at the storage shed was above and beyond the call, nigh unto the "... helps you move bodies" level.

And thanks as well to gatewalker and quiet_rain, for making me feel like I'm still family.