December 20th, 2010

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Songs for the Season: Point/Counterpoint

The solstice has come around again, as it does every season.

The darkness has grown over the last six months, and for some, it weighs heavy on the soul.

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This year, the Longest Night brings with it a fleeting extra shadow—but even shadows bear beauty and promise.

For those lucky enough to have clear skies tonight, you'll be treated to the first Solstice Eclipse in 456 years.

And after this long night brings tomorrow's distant dawn, the light will come again.

The spring will come again.

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A Joyful Solstice to you all!

May all the gifts of Blessing, Renewal and Redemption find their way to you in the coming year.

Remember, no matter how dark and cold and long the winter night might seem ...

There will always come a spring.