January 18th, 2011

Eye - VK, Voight-Kampf test

In Which an Anonymous IP Address Tells Me About His Mother

Those who just read my pearls of wisdom via their friends lists may not be aware that the topmost entry on LJ page is a mash-up of a CAPTCHA test and the Voight-Kampf test from the opening scene of Blade Runner.

On 18 January 2011, that entry got a word-salad comment that looked like a random text generator used a series of metaphysical screeds as a seed source:


Those who possession of to the standard faiths call that the expert of their obedience rests on revelation, and that pronouncement is confirmed in the pages of books and accounts of miracles and wonders whose disposition is supernatural. But those of us who take great discarded the belief in the mysterious quiescent are in the attendance of revelations which are the purpose of faith. We too entertain our revealed religion. We have looked upon the lineaments of men and women that can be to us the symbols of that which is holy. We acquire heard words of sacred wisdom and facts in fact spoken in the possibly manlike voice. In sight of the domain there set up hit to us these occurrence which, when accepted, despair to us revelations, not of abnormal doctrine, but of a natural and sure credence in the incorporeal powers that spark and labour in the center of [a person's] being.

Given entry in question, I can't tell if this is just some kind of random spam, a blind idiot translation of something from another language, a sincere if TimeCubist rant, or an amazingly clever metacommentary.

Think on that one for a moment. I cannot ascertain the degree of sentience that generated this comment. Someone (or something) has responded to a parody of a test to determine your humanity with a response that is recursively ambiguous. Seeded randomness? Automated translation? Schizoid human? Clever post-modernist? I can't tell.

I was tempted to leave it there, but theweaselking provided some compelling reasons to delete it (especially since LiveJournal lets you mark such unwarranted commentary as spam). I hope that copying and pasting the text here won't trigger the spammer's search engines, but I am far, far too lazy to turn the blurb into an image.