May 17th, 2011

hoard potato, tv, movies

The Hoard Potato: Core Stories in RPGs, the Superhero Version

Well, Mearls started it:

This is a placeholder to remind myself to talk about core stories in my next post, particularly as they apply both to superhero RPGs and to the comics themselves.

Notes to Emphasize:
  • Different characters (and teams) have different core stories.
    • Batman's Core Story is not the same as Superman's.
    • The Fantastic Four and the X-Men have similar core stories based on familial connections.
    • The Hulk has a very different core story.

  • Core stories change over time.
  • Heroes get dull and predictable when writers forget their core stories and replace them with "Bad guy acts, heroes react, there is punching."
  • Most superhero RPGs assume "act/react/punch" is the core story.
  • What core story am I going to use for Gateway City?

Feel free to provide commentary while I'm gone. Talk amongst yourselves; I'll steal your ideas for the full post.