May 25th, 2011

Eye of the Dragon

Not a good morning.

One of the yard cats seems to have gotten himself poisoned somehow. Maybe a he got a mouse that had rat poison in him, or something.

This is one of the three that actually is willing to be petted -- the black one with the little white "dickie" that I'd dubbed "Martini". Up until recently, he was most definitely the Beta Cat to Tawny's Alpha, Spock to his Kirk, Batman to his Superman; the last few weeks, though, he's been spending more time on His Own Dread Errands.

thoughtsdriftby has bundled him up and put him in the animal carrier, and we're keeping a watch on him. If he survives the convulsions, maybe he'll be okay. Unfortunately, the usual "home free" point is around ten hours, and it's been a lot longer than that. I've checked on him a couple of times this morning, and he's still twitching, with occasional bouts of full-on seizures.

Having a dying cat in your living room is not the most cheerful way to start a morning.

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Requiem in Pace, Martini

Unfortunately, Martini's seizures got more and more frequent. thoughtsdriftby took him into the vet to ease his passing this morning.

He was just over a year old. Being a semi-feral cat is a hard life; that's the second one out of the pride that we've lost.

He was also the first one to slowly move into being approachable, though once his big brother Tawny realized That Was A Thing, he immediately took over as Speaker to Tall Ones. Spock and Kirk, I tell you.

We'll keep an eye on the rest of them. It's really well past time to round them up for vetting.