September 4th, 2011


Shoe 'nuff

Does anyone know of a good shoe store in the Bay Area?

I'm looking for a store where people who actually know something about shoes and proper fit will sit you down, measure your feet, and go to some effort to find something that fits you. I just hit every single shoe store in the Great Mall, and I am tired of rolling the dice to see if the big-name shoe stores and shoe brands have my size in stock. I wear a 10.5 EXTRA Wide, and I need the podiatric equivalent of a Big and Tall Store.

A Skechers 10.5 Wide fits me perfectly, when they're available, but none of the other brands I tried today fit properly. "Just wear a larger size" turns into a size and a half to two sizes, and I'm sick of having to have my toes flopping around in clown shoes just to get a decent fit across the ball of my feet.

Because getting a decent fit is so hard for me, ordering online is a poor option.


Seriously? They went there?

I was leafing through On Demand's listings on cable a few minutes ago. HBO has a whole bunch of episodes of a fairy tale show called "Happily Ever After" available, and I was browsing the summaries that On Demand provides, just out of curiosity.

Is it just me, or is describing Hans Christian Anderson's "Steadfast Tin Soldier" as "heartwarming" kind of ... insensitive?

If I hadn't seen the really dark humor On Demand uses in their FearNet blurbs, I wouldn't think it was deliberate. As it is, though ... man.