October 24th, 2011

Eye of the Dragon


I guess you shouldn't say a wedding went off "without a hitch", because the whole point is getting hitched, right?

Be that as it may, jirris_midvale and moredena got themselves hitched yesterday, and the ceremony went off almost flawlessly.1

It was my honor and privilege to serve as Best Man on this happy occasion, and I have never seen a ceremony so full of love and joy and beauty. They are a marvelous couple, and I am pleased and proud to have known them, and to have seen their relationship grow from their first meeting to this wonderful, inevitable day.

1 Almost flawlessly. As Best Man, it is also my obligation to preserve the memories of that happy day. All the memories, including the one that I shall tactfully summarize here as "oop ack ring herp derp". If you were there, you remember.