December 19th, 2014

Eye of the Dragon

Cool Tabletop Tricks: First of a Series


There's a tendency for gaming groups to get caught up in niggling details. You devise an intricate plan, and then ... there's a lot of dragging and meandering as you get from MAKING it to IMPLEMENTING it.

When I started playing Star Wars Saga with my current band of miscreants, we hit one of those points early on. Just as things started dragging, someone said, "You know, if this were actually a Star Wars movie, this is where Lucas would throw in a classic, old-school screen wipe." We all paused, and after a beat, the GM swept his arm in front of him and proclaimed, "SCREEN WIPE!"

That became a regular feature of the game, and carried over to other games with the group. It helps the pacing enormously.

Eye of the Dragon

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