February 2nd, 2015

Eye of the Dragon

The Circle is Complete

During much of my childhood in the 1970s, KTLA in Los Angeles aired reruns of Star Trekon weekend afternoons ... unless it was baseball season.

The original run of Battlestar Galacticaaired on ABC, on Sunday nights ... where it was regularly yet unpredictably preempted by football. (The erratic schedule probably contirbuted to the poor ratings; the people who wantedto watch it never knew when it would acutally be on,and in those pre-Internet days, it was not uncommon to discover on Monday morning that the damned show had actually aired when it should have.)

Yesterday, during the Super Bowl ... I watched reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation, first on BBC America, then on NetFlix.

My inner child is content.

Eye of the Dragon

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