May 8th, 2015

Eye of the Dragon

Any way the wind blows ...

For a number of reasons, I have opted to work between 5AM and 2PM. My employers are flexible enough to allow this (though they drew the line when I drifted back to 4AM-1PM).

This morning, the two people who normally arrive before I do have taken the day off. I am alone in the bulding.

The place is a little creepy when you're the only one here, and it's generally accepted by the early risers that it's haunted. (It's actually creepiest when you come in on the weekend, and you're the only one here when it's bright and sunny out and there should be other people around.)

As I puttered around preparing to start the day, zapping my breakfast, loading the printer, I found myself humming, as I often do.

...for a big warehouse with some tacked-on office space, this place has surprisingly good acoustics.

Absent-minded humming soon turned into regaling my spectral office-mates with a full-blown baritone rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody".

... thankfully, our security cameras don't have microphones.

Eye of the Dragon

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