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In a fantasy setting like Ironclaw or Jadeclaw, hibernation is a nuisance. A character who sleeps for weeks or months at a time not only becomes vulnerable but will leave the rest of the party twiddling their thumbs through the winter (of course, realisitically, that's what people tend to do in the winter at such tech levels).

In a science fiction setting, however, especially one without FTL, hibernation becomes an asset. Hibernators use substantially less life support. Hohmann transfer orbits become much more feasible. Moreover, since hibernating mammals tend to be small-bodied (bears aren't true hibernators), you can pack more of them per ship.

So... in an anthropomorphic space setting, it's entirely plausible that, the further out you go, the more the population tends to favor mice, bats, ground squirrels and the like.

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