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Yes, I'm at work, but I finished my current task only to discover that the people who assign me tasks are at lunch. So...

(stolen from pretty much everyone I know)

You scored as Method Actor. You think that gaming is a form of creative expression. You may view rules as, at best, a necessary evil, preferring sessions where the dice never come out of the bag. You enjoy situations that test or deepen your character's personality traits.


Method Actor








Power Gamer




Casual Gamer


Law's Game Style
created with

Some initial surprises -- I didn't expect to get 100% in anything, and I was surprised that my Power Gamer was only 50%. When you look at it, though -- Laws (or the quiz-maker) divides the "All About ME" gamers into "Method Actors" as well as "Power Gamers", and I've always insisted that my munchkin formalist tendencies to squeak every point I can out of a system is almost entirely a matter of trying to capture the character conception I have in my head.

I have to wonder how heavily certain questions were weighted for certain categories.

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