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Another me!

This one's by Malathar, the li'l green Texas dragon.

The full image is here. This was my desktop background for years, before I switched to a more subdued color scheme overall (for my desktop, not my scales).

Mal's site is Warning! This site plays MIDI files -- but good ones!

You've probably seen Mal's stuff all over the web. He's released some of it as legitimate clip art -- but he also seems to be the most pirated dragon artist around. Folks use his stuff without ever really realizing that it's not "clip art". If you happen to have some of his stuff on your page, just drop him a line. He's usally pretty cheerful about letting folks use his work -- just do him the courtesy of asking (and maybe add a credit line with a link to his site somewhere).

This image ain't clip art. Your Obedient Serpent is copyright (C) 2002 by Me, me, me. All rights reserved. Violaters will be devoured.

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