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A recent report from TIME Magazine begins:
When President Bush nominated Michael Brown to head the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in 2003, Brown's boss at the time, Joe Allbaugh, declared, "the President couldn't have chosen a better man to help...prepare and protect the nation."
The article then proceeds to deconstruct Browns' qualifications.

In this time of acrimony and recriminations, however, I, for one, would like to state for the record that I believe that Mr. Allbaugh's assertion is absolutely correct.

George W. Bush simply could not have chosen a better man than Brown, a man whose few unfalsified accomplishments are riddled with incompetence and disaster. It was beyond his capabilities to do so. Brown was the best the man currently occupying the White House could manage.

That, more than anything, is the lesson we are learning from the aftermath of Katrina. That is the summation of the past five years:

He could do no better.

Quote of the Day: "To give you an idea of what he did there, he spent a year investigating whether a breeder performed liposuction on a horse's rear end." -- Judd Legum

Such experience with horses' asses does make him ideally suited to a position with this administration.

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