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LJ Interests meme results

  1. anthropomorphism:
    When I was a kid in the '70s, my favorite comic characters were Man-Bat and Werewolf by Night. These days, my RPG of choice is Ironclaw. There's definitely a connection between my empathy for "furry" characters and my gravitation toward the life sciences.

  2. csumb:
    My alma mater.

  3. ecosystems:
    The complexities and interconnections of how life-forms interact with each other and with their environment fascinate me.

  4. erosion:
    My CSUMB thesis: wetlands erosion.

  5. geographic information systems:
    A useful tool for studying and analyzing erosion, ecosystems, and more. If graphing data is a powerful tool, MAPPING it is even moreso.

  6. green living:
    Living Lightly On The Land is one of my goals -- alas, I haven't made much progress in that direction.

  7. jadeclaw:
    The companion game to Ironclaw, mentioned above. My name is in the credits for "Editing", but, honest, all the typos aren't my fault!

  8. mad science:
    Science appeals to my head. MAD science appeals to my SOUL. Gargantuan gadgetry of polished brass; gleaming, Kirbyesque assemblies of coils and tubes; Teslatronic lightning guns; uncanny voltages, incontheivable consequences, and a glorious disregard for the safety of one's self or those PITIFUL FOOLS around you who SIMPLY CAN'T GRASP YOUR GENIUS...

    It's hard being a Mad Environmental Scientist, though. Filling out the Environmental Impact Reports for one's Seismo-Pneumatic Oscillator is is the worst kind of drudgery.

  9. rainforests:
    I like oxygen.

  10. science fiction:
    Optimistic glimpses of a hopeful future? Love'em. Cautionary tales of grim fates? Love'em. Clever allegories of the dilemmas of modern life? Love'em. Light-hearted romps into gee-whiz technological wonderlands? Love'em. Thoughtful extrapolations of what-if concepts? Love'em.

    While I've outgrown the adolescent conceit that "Fen" are superior to "Mundanes", I confess that I really don't understand the minds of people who DON'T enjoy science fiction. If all you can see of the world and the future is more of the same... then what's the point?

    And yes, I'm well aware that devout religious folk have essentially the same attitude toward atheists. Maybe I should start answering "Science Fiction" when people ask my religion.

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